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I'm Bárbara Beltrán Torres I come from Perú and I'm the founder of Green Dreams. Green Dreams is a project that was born from my childhood and that was consolidated the last year 2021. I consider myself a Global Citizen, who has lived in many countries in the past 10  years, understands very well the intercultural differences and has made each country a new opportunity to grow as a person.

Motto: "If things were so easy, everyone could do it"

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My Story

After 10 years of a successful swimming career, at the age of 16, I won a scholarship to study in China to become a Mandarin Chinese translator. After finishing my program, I lived in Chile and started studying Sustainable Tourism Management and I continued my studies at a National university in Germany. After my Bachelor's degree, I was selected to pursue a Double Master Degree in Germany and United Kingdom with two titles in International Busines Administration and International Management. During my studies, I started my social engagement as a certified SDG Educator and I visited more than 30 professional schools in Germany. I had the pleasure to share my knowledge and promote sustainable development among young students. During these years, I became the ambassador of Peru for the British organisation One Young World. Now, I became the Coordinating Ambassador of my whole region of South America and I'm responsible for all ambassadors. I'm part of the us-American organisation UNITE 2030 where I participated as a delegate and mentor. Moreover, I was selected by the Clinton Global Initiative and I was invited to participate as a delegate as a delegate at the World World Bank Summit in Washington. I'm part of the Oxford Climate Society as well as a member of YOUNGO, the UNFCCC Constituency for Youth and Children around the world.


As my knowledge and engagement with sustainable topics increased, my participation in representing my country and diverse institutions, helped me to participate at the COP26 in Glasgow, SB56 in Bonn and SDG Camp in New York. All these experiences, helped me to initiate my own organisation called Green Dreams. The story behind GREEN DREAMS is a dream I had at the age of 6 when I saw an outstanding landscape from a high mountain and I could realise the importance of caring for and protecting our mother earth. For that reason, I took the impulse to advocate for environmental purposes and after my master's studies I started my PhD programme with a specialisation in Sustainability Sciences and my research topic revolves around deforestation, sustainable strategies and agriculture in Latin America.

Now that you know pretty much about me, let me invite you to enjoy this platform, be involved, dream big and be ready to become the next changemaker who is going to write history. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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