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22th April: Our Earth is  celebrating its birthday

But not the best one! Our earth is suffering  the struggles of  global warming and the increase of deforestation, lost of biodiversity, wild fires and extreme weather impacts.

Now, imagine she is just in front of you, what would you like to tell her in this special day?

Project: Message to Mother Earth 💌

 Green Dreams invites you to participate in the project: "Mural of Messages for the Pachamama", as part of Earth Day, which will be celebrated on 22 April.

By promoting the care and culture of preserving the environment Green Dreams aims to make the children of Perú aware of the importance of having green areas, forests and mountains where trees become the lungs of the earth, as they purify the air and give strength and energy to the population.

For this reason, Green Dreams has launched the call for entries for the "Mural of Messages for the Pachamama" project, after considering it important that the new generations participate and create an awareness of the care of the environment and the earth.

Registration and inscription for the competition will take place here: 



The exhibition of our mural and awarding of prizes for the winning works will take place on 22 April in our Instagram account as a live event, don't miss it! SAVE THE DATE 🌱

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