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Virtual Program
Green Dreams 

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Our mission is to promote quality and accessible sustainable development education for all young people in the Global North and South, applying digital methods and ancestral knowledge, strengthening their intercultural and citizenship competencies and empowering their leadership skills in sustainable issues.

Virtual Program 2022

WEEK 1 🎉

Welcome and
introduction to
Green Dreams

  • Main topics: Global Citizenship Education, Sustainable Development Goals, Education for Sustainable Development

  • 1° Challenge

  • Group activities

  • Networking time

WEEK 3 👩‍🎓🚀

Topic 2: Gender Inequalities

  • Main topics: Gender Inequalities, Women Empowerment, Indigenous communities, Woman activist presentation

  • 3° Challenge

  • Project & Presentation

  • Workshop: YELLOW

  • Networking time

WEEK 5 📜

Closing Week

  • Welcome & final words

  • Course short-video 

  • Presentation of 3 challenges winners

  • Presentation of sustainable solutions to a jury

  • Election of winners and awards ceremony

  • Graduation Ceremony

WEEK 2 🌎🏭

Topic 1: Climate Change

  • Main topics: Climate Change, Climate Action, Deforestation of the Amazonas, Indigenous communities, Woman activist presentation

  • 2° Challenge

  • Project & Presentation

  • Workshop: GREEN-A

  • Networking time

WEEK 4 🌴🐆

Topic 4: Endangered wild species

  • Main topics: Diversity, endangered animals and plants, Indigenous communities, local activist's presentation

  • 4° Challenge

  • Project & Presentation

  • Workshop: GREEN-C

  • Networking time

Project Week 💡

Make It Happen!

  • Etrepreneurial mentoring

  • Pitching Training

  • Projects Panel

  • Raising $$

  • Opportunities for partnerships



amazon deforestation.jpg


Climate Change and Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

🌳Brainstorming activities

🌳 Sustainable strategies

🌳 Innovative solutions

🌳Creation of posters to be presented & exhibited

Quechua Indigenous Women


Latin American Indigenous Women for climate justice

🌳Brainstorming activities

🌳 Sustainable strategies

🌳 Innovative solutions

🌳Creation of posters to be presented & exhibited

Natural Disaster


Climate Change and endangered animals and plants

🌳Brainstorming activities

🌳 Sustainable strategies

🌳 Innovative solutions

🌳Creation of posters to be presented & exhibited

Indigenous Know-how

Women indigenous leaders are ready to share their ancestral knowledge and practices.

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Get inspired and listen to the most impactful and brave stories of activists and environmental leaders and their achievements to protect our earth.

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Presentation skills

Team up to solve a real-world problem and get the leadership and presentation skills that the world needs.​​

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Expert Consulting

Be ready to make an impact and receive the mentorship and advice of real environmental leaders fighting on the front line.

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Interesting, diverse topics and good presentations.

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