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🌳Climate Change & the Guardians of the Nature 🌳 

It seems pretty bad, doesn't it? But no worries,w we've got our best allies and even they are only a very small part of our planet, they will fight with us until we rescue the health of our planet 🌎

Almost done! now it's time to meet the bravest indigenous women who are making history  🦸🦸🦸

ruth buendia.JPG

Ruth Buendia speech, 2014 Goldman Prize ceremony

Overcoming a history of traumatic violence, Ruth Buendía united the Asháninka people in a powerful campaign against large-scale dams that would have once again uprooted indigenous communities still recovering from Peru's civil war.

Meet Ruth Buendía:

maxima 3.JPG

Máxima Acuña. Goldman Environmental Prize, 2016, Peru

Her inspiring courage in standing up to a multinational mining company has made her a household name among defenders of life and nature throughout Latin America. 

Meet Máxima Acuña:


Liz Chicaje Churay, 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize, Peru

Liz Chicaje Churay received the award for her work as a Bora indigenous leader who fought to declare Yaguas Reserved Zone in Peru into a National Park, giving it an important level of protection that helps safeguard it against many threats, such as logging.

Meet liz Chicaje Chura:​​

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