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🌳Indigenous Peoples🌳

Now that you understood what Green Dreams is about, let us introduce you to one of the key players in this program: the Indigenous Peoples. The following video will give you a better view of their role and importance for our future and our planet. 

Which role do indigenous peoples play today?

Let's get ready and check our map and these cool videos!

Peru indigenoues.JPG

Indigenous Peoples Map

Peru has in total 55 indigenous peoples, 51 in the Amazon Rainforest and 4 in the Andes region. Do you know them? Help us to complete our Indigenous People Map by adding one post of your country. 

Musica Kokaima.JPG

Kumbarikira: Hip hop de niños y niñas del pueblo Kukama Kukamiria

Los niños de la comunidad Kukama Kukamiria en Ucayali nos comparten una canción hechas desde las escuelas.


Indigenous knowledge meets science to take on climate change | Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

We invite you to dive deep into the Indigenous see the complete session of Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim at @TEDX

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