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Environmental education course "Community-based program for students".

We invite you to take part in this course to empower yourself as a leader and changemaker in your school or community, participating in local, regional and/or national initiatives.


Faced with the increasingly evident need to cope with the effects of climate change, being informed, prepared and ready to act is more than essential.

Contributing to the development of a culture of mitigation and adaptation to climate change is a task that starts at school. For this reason, Green Dreams, with the support of UNESCO, have developed the climate change course "Generation of Changemakers", with the aim of strengthening the skills of its participants, students and youth in basic education, as agents of action and change in relation to climate change.

Therefore, if you are between 16 and 25, and you are interested in strengthening yourself as a leader and participatory agent in your locality and/or region, we invite you to participate in the first edition of the virtual program on climate change "Generation of Changemakers".

How does the course work?

This program is consists of six (03) thematic units, project management sessions, hackaton and an induction unit for the use of the virtual classroom. In the course, participants will be able to make use of the resources, as well as develop community-based projects in groups that promote the Global Citizenship values and the Sustainable Development Goals.

In "Generation of Changemakers", topics will be developed such as: Knowing about sustainable development and youth participation, Climate change and its effects such as Deforestation and endagered Biodiversity, Indigenous Women participation in climate justice, Climate Action & Climate governance and , Working groups to face of climate change, and Creation of impact in our communities.


The development of the activities and projects will be accompanied by experts and scientists, including indigenous leaders and international personalities who will strengthen the skills of the participating students, in order to raise awareness and develop actions on the issue of climate change.

How does the course work?




Limited places available





Participation certificate

Participants who complete all the proposed activities according to the established criteria, such as: participation in 6 sessions, elaboration of projects and implement their projects in their communities, will receive a certificate for a duration of 60 hours at the end of the course.

Any questions?

Don't doubt to contact us: or fill the contact form.

1. Open application and enrollment

From 15 October to    

09 November 2022

2. Confirmation of participants

From 10 November to 17 November 2022

3. Begin of the program

The week 21 November to 27 November 2022

4. End of the program

The week 28 December to 04 January 2023

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